Our Story


They say in everyone’s life there is a light bulb moment. Ten years ago the way I looked at food changed in an instant. The true awareness and understanding of additives and preservatives in our diet; completely changed the way we cooked and ate as a family.

I was introduced to Thermomix and without even seeing one at a demonstration, I just knew that it would benefit my new way of life and make the road ahead an easier one. I shared my love and my secret weapon with everyone I met over the past seven years hoping they too could benefit from having a Thermi in their world. I have loved being able to share my knowledge and my passion with family, friends and customers who are also seeking to improve their lifestyle.

I am extremely passionate about what we feed our body. The results of real goodness nourishing our bodies both physically and mentally. What we feed ourselves and our children has a far more reaching effect than maybe what we already think we know. Small changes in habits can make the world of difference. However the difference in how you feel will be far greater.

Food is my passion. Goodness shared with family and friends is my soul.

This journey could not have been possible without the continued love & support of my husband, Ryan. With the birth of our son Archie, we feel more than ever that a healthy and active lifestyle is essential and is now is our life. Along with George, our beloved Boston Terrier, we continue on this road together ……

xx Emma

Food is our passion. Food with family is our soul.

Food 2 Nourish wants to change your world, your family’s world and the world we live in.

We want your thoughts on food and the memories you have around food to be positive and fulfilling.

We aim to bring families together to create wholesome meals, classic family favourites that everyone can enjoy.  Encouraging families not only to cook together, but share a story or two over its creation and consumption.  Enjoy food with the people you love.

We also aim to minimise the impact on the world for the future generations. By encouraging families to minimise waste. Food 2 Nourish will always seek and provide when & wherever we can environmentally-friendly and sustainable products. Providing and surpassing all expectations on excellent customer service.