Why F2N?

Quite simply Food 2 Nourish takes the hard work out of planning and preparing nutritious home-cooked meals for your family.

Each Friday F2N will send you a confirmation email, which will include your meal plan for the following week, and a list of any pantry staples you will need.

On Tuesdays F2N delivers your fresh ingredients, already measured for the week’s recipes, ready for you to cook in your Thermomix – it couldn’t be simpler!

When will my delivery arrive?

Our orders for delivery the following Tuesday cut off at midnight Wednesday evening.  If you have ordered before this time, you will receive your delivery the next Tuesday.

If you place your order after this time (Thursday onwards), you will receive your delivery on the second Tuesday after you have placed your order.

Each Tuesdays F2N delivers your fresh ingredients for the week’s recipes. We will let you know when we are on our way and send a confirmation text once your box has been successfully delivered.

Do I need to be home to receive my delivery?

Not at all. Once your membership is successfully approved you will receive access in to the Members Area of our website.

Simply send us a message telling us exactly where you want our delivery driver to leave your box and we will follow the instructions to the letter.

Our boxes are designed to keep your produce fresh for several hours without refrigeration.

What do I do with my box each week?

Food 2 Nourish delivers your weekly ingredients in a styrofoam box with ice packs designed to keep your produce fresh for a few hours.

These boxes have been specially selected to reuse week to week, minimising wastage.

Please leave your empty F2N box and ice packs out for next week’s delivery so we can collect and reuse.

I have special dietary needs, is the F2N Family Box suitable?

We hope so! Our Family Box comes with a gluten-free, dairy-free and fish-free option. If you have a special dietary requirement send us a message and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

We remind all customers with allergies and dietary requirements to please check their recipes each week.

While we do offer a gluten free option we must stipulate that we cannot guarantee that gluten free ingredients are 100% free of gluten, as there is always a possibility of trace amounts. Please consider this when selecting the gluten free option.

Is my membership payment recurring? When and how often will my membership be paid?

Once you have selected your membership box and set your food preferences, you will be asked to enter your contact details and billing information. After successfully completing checkout your automatic payment will be set up to be debited on Wednesday of each week.

You will receive a confirmation email confirming each successful transaction.

I have the older model Thermomix, the TM31, will the recipes be suitable for this model?

Yes, all our recipes are tested in both the TM31 and T5 model however sometimes the size of our produce is larger than what was tested.

Please remember to never exceed the maximum quantity and observe the filling level markings on the mixing bowl, regardless of which model you have and always refer to your Thermomix Instruction Manual.

My suburb is not in your delivery area?

F2N currently delivers to over 150 suburbs across Perth.  Please send us an email to [email protected] requesting for your suburb to be added to our delivery area and we will work towards delivering to you.

In the meantime, you may like to consider our F2N Friends subscription.

Am I locked into a contract once I have subscribed?

No, you can put your subscription on hold or cancel at any time.

Where can I access my Subscription information?

Your Member Account is your portal to manage your Subscription Service

This is located in the top right hand corner of the Food 2 Nourish website and includes:

  • Order preferences for all your future deliveries
  • The ability to review and update your personal information, payments and delivery details

Will you provide every single ingredient I need to cook the meals?

We provide you with all fresh produce including protein, vegetables, fruits and herbs.

You will also receive dry goods, pasta, rice, dried herbs and spices however you will need to provide pantry items like oil, salt & pepper, sauces, eggs and dairy items.  Don’t worry, we give you plenty of notice with our convenient Friday email!

I’m not very confident using my Thermomix, will I be able to cook the meals?

We hope so! Our recipes are written at the basic skill level and we hope that the whole family can create the meal together.

Is the Thermomix the only appliance I will need if I order your boxes?

We use the Thermomix for the majority of our meals however there will be times when you will need the use of an oven, fry pan or bbq.

More Questions?

Email Food 2 Nourish [email protected] or click below to view our full Terms and Conditions