How It Works

How our membership boxes work...

Become a Food 2 Nourish Member

Sign up online and join Food 2 Nourish.

Choose our Family Box with an option for gluten-free and / or fish-free alternative…

Live outside our delivery area? You can also sign up for our Friend of F2N Subscription and receive access to our meal plans and recipes.

Not happy with just being our Friend? Send us an email with your suburb and we will work towards delivering to you!

Receive Member Updates

Each week F2N will send you the upcoming meal plan, complete with a list of basic items you will need from your pantry for the week ahead.

We do the shopping

Selecting only the best seasonal produce from our trusted local suppliers, F2N will portion and package the fresh ingredients for your week’s recipes.

We deliver weekly to your door every Tuesday

We deliver your fresh ingredients right to your front door. There is no need to be home, we will leave your boxes on your doorstep and send you an SMS that they have been delivered. Our boxes are insulated and come with ice pack wraps to keep the food fresh.

You cook

Armed with your Thermomix, fresh ingredients and our simple recipes you’re left with the fun part! Explore new recipes, cooking techniques, products and more…

Your whole family enjoys!

Enjoy stress-free cooking and more family time in the evenings. Food 2 Nourish reduces your shopping, planning, cooking and cleaning time!

Orders close midnight Wednesday 29 September

  • Green Goodness Pesto Pasta* contains amonds
  • Quinoa & Blackbean Hot Pot
  • Honey Soy Chicken Meatballs with Sweet Potato Mash
  • Satay Chicken with Rice *contains nuts